Bernard and Simon accept advisory work on projects that have a public impact, that generally deal with the future, that involve some form of public communication and that make an ethical and positive contribution to Australian society and prosperity.

Selected advisory projects help inform public opinion about the future of projects, businesses, cities and regions. Our advisory work includes delivery of media support by way of interviews and briefings.  Reports are written in a journalistic op-ed style with high-impact graphics. 




Once a year Bernard Salt offers (ticketed) public access to training sessions on corporate speaking and presentation.  This half-day session teaches the secrets of delivering a great presentation.


Access our consumer insights and leverage our communication skills to deliver impact and shape opinion.

The Demographics Group offers consulting services based on demographics insight and almost always involving some kind of public engagement as a deliverable.

Typically, this involves either Bernard or Simon speaking at an event—presenting findings—that can include a slide deck, a written report with summary foreword, video commentary and social media posts.

Our skill is in being able to turn data into insight and impact… that’s what we do. 

Consulting reports include bespoke analysis and graphics presented in a datapack.  Or it might be a report that is either fully or part written by Bernard and his co-directors at The Demographics Group. 

Other clients want help in designing surveys, in interpreting results and in developing and projecting an engaging narrative.

Consulting is headed by Sarah Read who has worked in demographics advisory for 20 years in Australia and in London.  Sarah is our Director of Consulting; she also heads our Sydney office.

Here’s how we work.  Generally, we discuss the issues by phone, then we meet, then we draft a proposal itemising deliverables, timeframes and costings, and then begin a project. Our work often includes a Current Demographics Scan and some kind of Future Scenario outline for a market segment or a city or a town or a region.  Every consulting assignment is bespoke and delivers impact. 

Consulting projects always start with a phone chat.  Either email Sarah directly or fill out the general enquiry form here.  Or call Fiona Evans on 0415 328 532 to request a call back from Sarah.


Demographics Scan

Review the here and now to show strengths and weaknesses. How does your city, region, town, market segment compare with benchmark communities and segments? Through a series of demographic analyses and graphics, drawing on latest datasets, we build a picture of the scope for growth. Datasets cover market segments, community values eg belief, employment and jobs growth, entrepreneurship, and relative strengths and weaknesses.

Suits SME businesses in building, health, education and financial services as well as municipalities and regions. Can be augmented with public presentation and business leader discussions.

Scenario Planning

Develop a credible outline of the influenceable future. What are the range of demographic, social and cultural factors that could impact your business, or community, over the period to 2030, and to 2050? Population projections are only part of the story. What is the range of options open to an SME or to a local community to influence the future?

Suits businesses, government departments, local communities looking to future proof strategic thinking. Scenario Planning delivers on the ‘community consultation’ expectations.

Working-with-clients - provide direction, insight & interpretation

Some clients want assistance in interpreting survey data which, when mixed with general demographic analysis, can help deliver an engaging public narrative.

Suits businesses looking at ways of informing the market of the latest relevant trends.

Here’s how to engage with The Demographics Group:

  • Engage Bernard or Simon to speak at an event

  • Engage Bernard or Simon to run a workshop

  • Attend a ticketed seminar

  • Commission a Demographics Scan report 

  • Commission a Future Scenario narrative with graphics 

  • Set up a work-with-client arrangement