Future of Work

What’s in, what’s out and what courses should we steer our kids into? And what about the gig economy and AI? Maybe it’s about the ability to adapt. Insights from census data are packaged to examine this most topical of topics.


New Models of Retirement

Baby boomers have made sacrifices and now they’re saying “it’s my time now.” And so it’s Rhine River cruises and kitchen makeovers as retirement’s biggest generation pushes the retirement reboot button. And some are angry about ‘unfair’ changes to the social contract. Data, examples, insight, popular culture references and funny acronyms are assembled to provide a new view of the retirement set.


Connecting with Customers

Anglo Australia has been replaced with a cosmopolitan aspirational fusion culture deeply suspicious of big government and big business. Connection with the heartland today is via local, tribal and authentic relationships. Powerful data from the 2016 Census shows just how much middle Australia has changed. Your market isn’t so much on the move… it’s already in a different space.


Building Stronger Regions

What makes a city, town or region successful? The answer is less about what private or public sector spending can be secured and more about the quality of leadership. Data and real-life examples are drawn from across Australia and beyond to deliver insight into new ways of galvanising communities.


Avocado Insights

One paragraph in a column parodying middle age and youth has propelled the humble avocado to global stardom. Social media insights and anecdotes from five days inside the avocado bunker delivers a compelling story about how to manage the social media message.


Customer of the Future

Bigger, bolder, more demanding, more connected, more Asian, more pressed for time, more insecure and above all more technologically adaptive. Meet your customer of the future. Turn the customer of the future into your new best friend. The long-term view of this topic is utterly compelling and laugh out loud funny.


Global Megatrends

There’s the richest, the poorest, the fastest rising, the most connected, the most militarising countries and then there’s those losing power, relevance and sovereignty bit by bit. What are the underlying demographic trends that will shape the world order in the 2020s and beyond? UN, Bloomberg and Fortune 500 data deliver a story of hope and of challenge for humanity by the middle of the century.


The Rise of China

China is now Australia’s leading source of migrants, tourists, students, imports and exports. How will Australia’s relationship with China evolve over the coming decade? What are the benefits and what are the risks? UN, Fortune 500, ABS and US Military data and insight plus references to the history of empires. Can the Australians safely navigate their way to continued prosperity?


Celebrating the Entrepreneur

It’s far harder to start a business, to generate sales, to employ people, to pay tax than it is to kick a football. Before there can be jobs of the future there needs to be businesses of the future. In this uplifting session the case is put for the thinking, the courage and the sheer boldness of entrepreneurs. Data, insight, examples and humour energise every audience on this most important subject.


Future Proofing Careers and Businesses

Should we all be training in STEM skills, learning Mandarin or buying into health? Is it really that simple? It’s never that simple. Data, examples and insights from across Australia and beyond are assembled to argue the case for the best way to move forward. It’s never the strongest or even the smartest that thrives… it’s something else entirely.